you might think these are phone-y but they're real
  1. We heard that u r the acclaimed leader of th greeks at duke. U mite be th duchess or sometimes from behind ur called duchass but unless u wear a toga u cant join the leaders. Signed Nero n Ceasar
  2. of crse n im watchg this exciting game. I kn ur blue. so what was i textg. Uchch
    still haven't deciphered 'uchch'
  3. WAW WAW WAW r u all crying again.ur so adorable, u hv tons of toys even a teleph book, oh u cant wait t b 21 n drink real stuff? Majic wand just made u 21 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BEAUTIFUL GRANDDS!
  4. I like that we need to get that recipe n get drunk tog on cake! Haha
    60 years apart but we clearly have the same priorities
  5. Dont eat lett/salad mix at olive garden n RED LOBSTER n products that came fr TAYLOR FARMS MEXICO cuz hundreds hv gottn v v BABA RE CNN
    maybe this is where 'v' came into my vocabulary
  6. Did u get bef n after challah. Cld u tell which is mine. Its the better ladder challah. Haha
  7. Hi so sad to hear ab mono. Darn. If it came fr kissing i hope u enjoyed it. If it was sharing a candy bar or drink thats not so much fun.
  8. Hiya JENN how r u doing? Hvg fun w friends. "R U liking it?" "I'm liking it" i forgot ab that stupid expression until i pictured u in ur apt. Love u BAB
    unclear how me in my apartment relates to this
  9. i like scotch. I dont mean scotch men . Haha get a lit buzz on n take a cab home. Hv bab
  10. ***bonus email***
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