I have been texting boys since 2005 and it never seizes to amaze me why some boys still do this.
  1. dnt txt lyk dis.
    First off, why? Please. Stop. We both know you can type out the whole word.
  2. What are you doing?
    It's sweet you when ask me once or twice, but if you do it every half an hour, it gets old.
  3. Haha. Lmfao. Lol.
    How do I respond to this one word reply?
  4. Insert sexual invitation/suggestion😏
    All I said was, "I'm changing my sheets." It's 2 in the afternoon. Where did you think this was going?
  5. Double text, acceptable. Quadruple text, oh boy.
    Hold your 🐴y. I'm not going anywhere.
  6. 1:28am
    If you text me this late, I'll assume you're drunk and most likely won't reply.
  7. 4 hour response time.
    I get it. You're doing something. But don't text me first and then respond hours later with "haha."
  8. "So my ex.."
    Wait. When did we get on this topic? I really don't want to know.