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I'm a barista at a Bakery in Beverly Hills. Today is my Friday so let's see how the world tries to test me today.
  1. "What's the difference between drip coffee and an americano?"
    .....honestly? Everything. Bye.
  2. "Can I get a macchiato but in a big cup with extra foam"
    Sooooo...a dry capp? Don't try to get over on me. I've done this before.
  3. "What kind of ham is on the sandwich?"
    Our answer:regular
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I've never done anything like this soooo my tattoos in order and "what they mean"(lulz). Don't say tats. Don't guess what they are. Dont rush. And don't go for "cheap". PS and before you ask, yes I'm very stoked im still going to have them when I'm an old lady. :)
  1. Peace&Love
    Yeah yeah I know. My first tattoos done by my friend Neil in his garage when I was a month from 18. I knew I wanted "peace" in Arabic and decided to even out my arms with "love" too(horrible reason I know). They are sloppy and uneven and un proportioned and sometimes I think of ways they could be different but end of they day, I love them. It was spur of the mome and it was secretive and rebellious and I miss that stage in my life.
  2. Rose #1
    My first "real tattoo". End of summer 2010 I met Brad Worthen, a traditional artist in Vallejo. His vibe was cool and I didn't know much so I committed. I chose a single red rose. TODAY, I probably wouldn't have gotten it colored but I couldn't imagine it any other way at the time. I fell in love with it so fast and still do. It was exactly what I wanted. I continued to go to Brad for the next year or so. She doesn't know but 100% inspired by Margeaux's sleeve my sister painted.
  3. Diamond
    Lolol. Nicky Diamond has taken a picture of this tattoo. Did I get it for #diamondlife......no. Did I wear diamond at this time tho....guilty. Long story short, I got a bonus check, I wanted to buy something, went to SF, couldn't find anything I wanted to buy so I bought a tattoo. Why a diamond tho? Ok ok I maybe fcked with Diamond heavy when Wiz was ON in 2010-2011. Hahah!! Either way, really excited to have this one there when I got an old lady hairdo going on.
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  1. Drivers License
    I look super happy, super high, and super red. I also wore a tank top so you could see my roses on my shoulder so they zoomed me in and raised the frame. -______-
  2. Cash$$$$
    Tips. Weed. Laundry.
  3. Debit card.
    If it wasn't for those parking meters in LA or online shopping I probably wouldn't own one of these.
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My purse is a mess. Always a mess. I don't know how I didn't use one for so long.
  1. Wallet
    Took it straight out of the RVCA shipment box when I worked at the skate shop.
  2. Denim Pouch
    Raymond works at Levi's and made it for me. Contents include lens wipes, parking lot card, gum, aquaphor and matches.
  3. Polaroid
    Probably one of my favorite things i own. Bought it last summer and have used it pretty regularly since. My pictures are my prized possessions. I've been told thats dumb cause I'm not a "photographer" -___-
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