1. one of our new patients was an adorable two and a half year old
    she was about 3 feet shorter than the front desk. I gave her some stickers. my uterus sang and glowed.
  2. I introduced my coworker to the wonders of Sufjan Stevens
    apparently some 28-year-olds who love mellow music aren't aware of his existence.
    on tuesday I had wine, cheese and charcuterie after work followed by a pleasant dinner with my parents.
  4. I packed myself two coffees today
    kids, always bring an iced coffee in a hydroflask. thursday is hard and so is a sweaty, 97-degree walk.
  5. I didn't violate any HIPAA laws
    not that I've broken any before, but it's always nice to acknowledge that I haven't accidentally fucked up. fortunately I'm bad at remembering names anyways.
  6. I tried rabbit for the first time
    it was with risotto. it had a rich flavor but was overall pretty chicken-y. it wasn't super exciting but I'm still glad a new food experience happened.