yet here I am, sharing them all anyways
  1. I have to fact-check some of my tweets
    god forbid I embarrass myself on the internet!
  2. I think Rihanna is a lot more relatable than Beyoncé
    this one might start wars.
  3. sometimes I deeply stalk @bram on every social media platform and read old texts
    you know that feeling, when your heart's just kind of sore because you need a person's presence so badly?
  4. I'm terrified of aquariums and the marine mammal exhibits at the zoo
    the glass is going to break. I will either drown or get smothered to death by a large marine mammal.
  5. until about a year ago I thought Alaska might be an island
    I KNOW this one's terrible-- I knew Alaska wasn't a part of the continental United States but I wasn't certain if it was surrounded by water on every side or not. I'm an otherwise intelligent person and I have no excuse for this.
  6. I think kale is only OK
    and 9/10 kale salads are straight up gross.
  7. I refer to Urban Dictionary a lot
    I just can't keep up with these kids and their slang these days.
  8. one time I booked a flight to Manchester, New Hampshire instead of Manchester, United Kingdom
    it was a stressful realization. fortunately it occurred before boarding any planes.
  9. merely months after the aforementioned snafu, I gave my friend completely incorrect dates to coordinate flights to JFK
    when will I learn? probably never.