1. Celebrity sightings of Swatch at Mood and a rat that may or may not have been Pizza Rat
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    And they were humble af
  2. Hailing a cab and navigating the subway by myself
    In a city of 8 million, transportation can be tough, but I make it look easy
  3. Not even being that cold
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    I packed REALLY well for an Arizona girl who doesn't understand weather...the only major blunder was wearing boots with heels (thank G for the eight H&Ms in Manhattan and their cheap flats).
  4. Bubble and Sip
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    Green tea matcha latte WITH alpaca latte art, Earl Grey cream puffs, quiche with feta cheese (it's the new cool ingredient it makes everything dope how did they know)
  5. Asking what this building was every hour or so
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    It's the Empire State Building
  6. My Snapchat story
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    I hope you watched all 400 seconds of it
  7. Catching up with high school friends
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    We were confused about adulting. Shout outs to Lizzy, Jake, and Emily.
  8. Fun Home
    My first Broadway show, and winner of 5 2015 Tony awards, was incredible. Poignant, funny, well-told story with beautiful and catchy music.
  9. Jacob's Pickles
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    I could probably do a top ten of the food I ate....yummmmm.
  10. Skyping with this Chilean star
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    The 70s/the Doors reunited!!!