Merrijane is recuperating from a few bouts with COPD and has been texting her learnings to us
  1. When you are house hunting, you are looking to buy a midcentury modern. Unfortunately they have not said which century so don’t know if it’s mid-20th or 21st
  2. The open concept still reigns supreme but buyers are a little more open to actual rooms.
  3. Kitchen cupboards are shaker style and are usually white with a possibility that they may be either a light grey or dark grey.
  4. Some designers have a thing about different cupboards under the island (all kitchens must have large islands). In these cases the cupboards are either a wooden finish or a dark color to contrast tie the white of the rest of the kitchen.
  5. Counter surfaces are quartz. I know how disappointed you all must be to see that the dreadful granite tops are now out of style.
  6. Back splashes are almost uniformly subway tile. I am really sick of it.
  7. Floors are hardwood are laminate fake. Some of them are deep grey If there are original hard woods, they tend to use those and refinish them. Dark seems to be the way to go.
  8. The new must have appliance for the kitchen is a wine cooler
  9. The predominant color for furniture, walls and linens is grey with “pops” of color. Wall paper is coming back in a limited sort of way. Some designers are using it as a focal point and papering one wall.
  10. Bathrooms are important.
  11. The shower is usually subway tile but it varies. What doesn’t vary is a stupid line of the tile which encircles the shower about ¾ up the wall. No idea what it’s for and it just looks stupid.
  12. Another popular tile in the bathroom is travertine which apparently lasts forever.
  13. By the way I was getting my haircut yesterday and glanced through the new Glamour mag. If you wish to be stylish this season, black and white stripes are in.
  14. Love, Mom