1. Stand in line for brunch
    Get there when the place opens - it's the only way to get a table. Make sure your friends know you won't be seated until everyone arrives, so if they arrive late, they can sit at the bar alone. You're hungry.
  2. Farmer's Market
    Drop off your compost that's taking up the whole freezer and buy some eggs. And some house plants. And some greens you don't know what to do with but they're so pretty you can't help yourself. Seriously. Support local farmers, dude.
  3. Hit the Flea Market on Vanderbilt Ave.
    Take cash. No one likes credit card fees, especially small flea market vendors. They have an ATM on sight but you don't really want to pay $20 in fees for $40 in cash for that vintage t-shirt, do you? Go to Chase first. They're on every other block.