Things I've learned as a sometimes outdoor concert lover...
  1. Get there early - like 2 hours before you think you should.
    If doors open at 6:30, get there between 4:30 and 5. You'll stand in line for a while so bring a light weight folding chair. And a kindle.
  2. Don't bring cans or glass bottles.
    Plastic beverages are fine. (They say no alcohol, but if you hide it well in a cooler you're probably ok. The guards don't check super well. But they always manage to find my cans of seltzer.)
  3. Bring light weight folding chairs, not just a blanket.
    The grassy areas are knotty, riddled with holes, and your butt and back will scream well before the music is over. Plus you'll be able to see over the heads of the people sitting in front of you who didn't bring chairs.
  4. Buy beverages from the booth stage right.
    It's smaller but there's always a shorter line because the beer tent stage left is closer to the entrance.
  5. Where to sit...
    This is the best secret for a comfy memorable experience. The best seats, though furthest from the stage, are at the top of the next hill right in front of the Emergency Exit. Clear view, no one can sit behind you, and you won't have a blocked view from the people walking on the through path to the bathrooms.