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If I had an Indie Folk Rock Band...
  1. Fishing with Dynamite
  2. Dust Bowel Zombies
  3. Milky White Revival
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These would all be titles for my album... if I had a band.
  1. The Owls are Not What They Seem
  2. Without Chemicals... He Points
  3. Man in a Smiling Bag
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I am redoing this one for my friend @karlalucia, because I don't think she appreciated my sass in the last one.
  1. Piss and Vinegar
    With a little bit of sass. Ok, for real here is the actual list.
  2. Step Up 2: The Streets
    The most clever movie title of all time, plus a great terrible dance movie!
  3. Faulkner Collection
    Love, love, love him.
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  1. Artsy/Crafty stuff
    Sewing, sculpting, designing, really anything I can make or do with my hands. I love it and I'm not to shabby either. These are my tiny gnomes I make.
  2. Picking restaurants
    Except for my husband, he's good at this too. We are a both a bit of a foodie, so we like to go to new and exciting places. Seriously, some of my family would eat at the same place every time, if we let them.
  3. Forgiveness
    This one seems weird, and maybe a little not very humble. But I don't hold grudges, like, at all. It's just not in me. I get mad. I get my feelings hurt. And I get judgey alot, but I can let it go super easy. I might get super mad at someone, but it takes almost nothing for us to be good again.
This list is thanks to my friend @karlalucia. I don't know if i can rank these, but definitely in the top! And definitely places I thought, yeah I could live here forever.
  1. New York, New York
    I know, I know, it's cliche. But there is so much life everywhere. And the graffiti!
  2. Savanah, Georgia
    It's weird, I know, but the cemetery is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen.
  3. Ithaca, New York
    What can i say... Ithaca is gorges! 10 square miles surrounded be reality.
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These are band names for my Indie Rock Band... inspired by Twin Peaks... if I had a band.
  1. Agent Cooper and the Bookhouse Boys
  2. The Great Northern
  3. The Renault Brothers
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10 ways I am conflicted... maybe hypocritical... or as I like to think complex.
  1. 1.
    I have social axiety, but I like to be around people.
  2. 2.
    I want to be an anonymous, but I want people to know me.
  3. 3.
    I want everything to be planned, but I want things to be spontaneous.
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If I had an Indie Rock Band...
  1. Ponyo loves Sosuke
    Also my JPOP Band
  2. Daytime Fireflies
  3. Accidental Documentary
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Absurd thoughts that run through my head as I start a list and then decide that I should save it to multiple drafts instead of publishing. The joys of social anxiety... or is it social media aniety (also,name of my garage punk band) at this point?
  1. What if I miss something? What if I don't list everything pertaining to this particular subject?
    I'm making a li.st of all my faves, and miss something. Oh no! I didn't include all the information you need to know everything about me! 😲
  2. How long does this need to be in order to actually be a li.st?
    Is two a list or just a group? I feel like 7 is good, oh God, why am I stressing about this?
  3. Is this title even relevant to my li.st?
    Oh no, my title says favorite band and I li.sted Regina Spector, she's not a band! They are all going to know I'm a fraud!
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and let's be honest, most I still love as an adult.
  1. Where the Wild Things Are
    Maurice Sendak
  2. Corduroy
    Don Freeman
  3. Green Eggs and Ham
    Dr. Suess
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