3 things I am better at than anyone else in my family

  1. Artsy/Crafty stuff
    Sewing, sculpting, designing, really anything I can make or do with my hands. I love it and I'm not to shabby either. These are my tiny gnomes I make.
  2. Picking restaurants
    Except for my husband, he's good at this too. We are a both a bit of a foodie, so we like to go to new and exciting places. Seriously, some of my family would eat at the same place every time, if we let them.
  3. Forgiveness
    This one seems weird, and maybe a little not very humble. But I don't hold grudges, like, at all. It's just not in me. I get mad. I get my feelings hurt. And I get judgey alot, but I can let it go super easy. I might get super mad at someone, but it takes almost nothing for us to be good again.