Absurd thoughts that run through my head as I start a list and then decide that I should save it to multiple drafts instead of publishing. The joys of social anxiety... or is it social media aniety (also,name of my garage punk band) at this point?
  1. What if I miss something? What if I don't list everything pertaining to this particular subject?
    I'm making a li.st of all my faves, and miss something. Oh no! I didn't include all the information you need to know everything about me! 😲
  2. How long does this need to be in order to actually be a li.st?
    Is two a list or just a group? I feel like 7 is good, oh God, why am I stressing about this?
  3. Is this title even relevant to my li.st?
    Oh no, my title says favorite band and I li.sted Regina Spector, she's not a band! They are all going to know I'm a fraud!
  4. This is not clever.
    Why do I care? Does this li.st really need to be clever? Um, yes, how else will they know how clever I am?
  5. What if I...
    Social anxiety kicks in... I'll just save this as a draft. (Which I did about 6 times)