In no particular order...
  1. God of Blades
    Like playing the liner notes of a Hawkwind album
  2. Bastion
    Worth playing for the fabulous conceit of the narrator alone...but also really good
  3. Infinity Blade
    Any of them. They're just beautiful, that's all.
  4. Pirates!
    An ancient masterpiece dusted off for your padding pleasure
  5. Peggle
    This game feels like it was designed for the iPad, even though it came out years before on every device with a screen. Bonus points for anticipating gaming's high camp trend by about 3 years
  6. The Settlers
    No, not Settlers of Catan, that's further down this list. This is an awesome God Game from the 90s that you missed unless you're German or you're in the industry.
  7. Banner Saga
    It's gorgeous and the story is really well woven into the experience
  8. FTL
    You are going to hate me about 9 hours after you install this, when its 4am and you are about to run out of batteries and you have to get up to work in 3 hours.
  9. Ravenmark
    This game is based on a homebrew miniatures game that, in turn, is based on the designer's multiyear Dungeons & Dragons campaign. If you thing making a game like that sounds rad, you will almost certainly enjoy this
  10. Ace Patrol
    Sid Meier does turn-based WWI dogfights. Um, yes please.
  11. X-COM
    The original is the Velvet Underground of videogames, this remake actually lives up to it. See for yourself why this was every game designer's favorite game growing up.
  12. Baldur's Gate
    Did you like RPG games played on your PC in the 90s? This is that - no more and no less
  13. Hitman Go
    The likelihood that someone was going to made a tight strategy game with just about the best aesthetic of the last five years on out of this franchise is pretty much the game equivalent of P.T. Anderson directing the next Transformers movie
  14. Out There
    The Most French Videogame $3.98 can buy. It's about loneliness
  15. Carcassone
    A fabulous board game, super well converted. Bring this on trips and play with your family instead of watching Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the plane.
  16. Ticket to Ride
    Another excellent pass n' play board game conversion. Raining during your vacation in Mexico? Fire it up and get drunk and punch each other
  17. Catan HD
    Friends are always telling you about Settlers of Catan but you can't play because they all already know how and will kick your ass. Download this, let eat teach you how to play, avoid getting bent over on game night. Done.