Take time to stop and look around you sometimes!
  1. Brick walls
  2. Dripping water
  3. A cold concrete floor
  4. Pipes? I think I hear pipes?
  5. Cars driving by outside, so I'm definitely by the freeway
  6. Blindfold, although it's around my eyes so I don't know if it's really in my "surroundings"
  7. There was another man here earlier and he was nervously whispering "it's gonna be okay, we're gonna get out of here" to keep me calm but who knows where that knucklehead's off to now!
  8. A stereo playing a recording of children singing "Ring Around The Rosie" on a loop
  9. Him? I think he's here. I hear footsteps getting closer. Why isn't he saying anything? What does he want from me? I'm gonna die here aren't I? Oh my god, I didn't think it would happen so soon. There's so many people I want to apologize to. I lived a life strung of regrets. I pray the reaper comes quiet and without mercy, for I do not deserve it.
  10. Star Wars figurines and like half of them are from the new movie