I've been holding out against updating my iPhone software forever but it finally became time to get it over with and take the plunge because I could no longer download apps. Maybe everyone noticed this stuff already but it's fresh to me.
  1. Is this a different font??
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    It's so minorly different but font changes bug the shit out of me
  2. The double-click to change apps shows a vastly different view
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    It's reminiscent of how the Safari browser moved through windows before the update.
  3. All these edges that have gotten more beveled think they're hot shit
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    unpopular opinion: they aren't
  4. New emoji menu?
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    It's sort of overwhelming to see them all so packed together there tbh but now I have burritomoji 🌯
  5. Also with emojis: ethnicity
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    Now I can accurately represent myself and my half-Iranian sister in text messages.
  6. Look at these new apps I'll never use just cluttering my phone
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    Watch, News, and Find Friends are the newest members of the "Less Used" club.