Inspired by @AlexandraLouise and her forehead wrinkle freak out... Because skin issues suck but also we should be gentle with ourselves
  1. Though shalt treat thy skin as if they love it, not hate it
    Do not punish your skin for doing what it does! The skin is the largest organ in the body and it reflects a lot of what's going on inside of you. Exhausted because you have a new baby and you're also a DOCTOR? Before you make everything worse by over treating (too much exfoliation is the bane of the 2015 woman) try a glass of water and a full nights sleep. (BTW Botox is rad because it works as a prophylactic so I do it, and sunscreen and a hat because prevention is much easier than curing!)
  2. Though shalt treat thy skin as more than wrapping paper
    Diet, exercise, sleep, illness - all the things that make internal you happy also have a profound and noticeable impact on outside you. We SEE it more, and therefore we react to it more as well. But slapping on some cream is easier than checking in with our overall health! so if you're having a chronic issue what could be the underlying cause? I discovered my gluten intolerance because of persistent butt/bacne and haven't broken out there since I gave it up (along with less upset tummy!)
  3. Though shalt not abuse product
    Lots of things do the same thing - and then your skin gets irritated. You wouldn't use 4 different kinds of shampoo on your hair in a row, so why follow your (exfoliating) Clarisonic brush with an (exfoliating) scrub? Leave that skin alone!
  4. Though shalt not compare thy face to the airbrushed
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    Seriously, skin doesn't look like that! And it's kind of freaky when it does!!! Here I am wearing cc cream and RMS Living lumizer, you can see my freckles, my eye crinkle, and I love it. Nobody would ever say I don't have amazing skin but dammit it's still skin!
  5. Though shalt not bake in the sun
    I mean do I even need to explain this one?