Are you hurting? It's OK. It happens to all of us. It could be physical (like @john and his lower back) or emotional, but pain is an unfortunate and inescapable part of life. It teaches us to be grateful for when we are not in pain. Here's how I try to deal with it...
  1. Breathe out forcefully
    Imagine that this breath is holding all that pain, like a dark smog. In it is captured the physical pain, like tiny burs, and also the emotional pain, like words that hurt you or things people did to upset you
  2. Breathe in lustfully
    This air is golden and sweet like honey. It's covered with rainbow sprinkles but each sprinkle is something nice someone did or said for you today, or something nice you did or said to someone else. Imagine this breathe bathing your cells, soothing them, coating them like a luxuriant thick orange blossom honey. This breathe will protect you from the hurt, banish it.
  3. Repeat as much as you like, whenever you like.