I want to be just like @olive and @kaitlynvella when I grow up. This is funny because I am like a decade older than them.
  1. January
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    I literally have no idea when this was taken but this was in January in my photo album. We were at an amazing restaurant with my partner in making the world a better place @sashka and I had too much delicious champagne and talked about @steve um, member and it was amazing. I also ate gluten because SOUP DUMPLINGS and was sick/hungover for days and I regret this decision not at all.
  2. February
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    Visited my BFF @thatzoegirl in Santa Monica and loved it but hated it because I was scared she would move there and leave me
  3. March
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    HONEYMOON IN COSTA RICA picking this picture was the hardest by far - I opted for establishing the vibe instead of subjecting you to a disgustingly cute selfie
  4. April
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    My niece got married in Santa Barbara - this little cutie on my right is my nephew, he's like two years younger than I am #longstory
  5. May
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    Random night out with my squad @thatzoegirl and @sophiec - aren't they STUNNING
  6. June
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    I rescued the infamous Marina seal which kept wandering into our neighborhood and then getting scared and hiding on cars. Found him on the dog path and called the marine mammal center
  7. July
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    This picture was taken two days before I found out I needed a mastectomy - I identify strongly with the swan with the broken wing, which I decided was a portent or possibly my spirit animal
  8. August
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  9. September
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    More recovering - because if I'm going to be laying around all day might as well be by a pool
  10. October
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    Surgery number two
  11. November
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    Much needed vacation to recover from recovering in Hawaii - feels so good to be out of bed I can't even
  12. December
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    Cold and rainy AF - best part is putting Fenway in his raincoat