I try to follow an Ayurvedic diet for the anti-inflammatory properties (aka Alkalinizing diet) Did you know acne is an inflammatory disease? So is cancer, arthritis... Cutting out foods that make your body acidic (dairy, meat, processed foods) and adding in ones that lower PH (greens, good fats) will fight it off from the inside out!
  1. Ingredients: Whatever veggies are in your fridge plus a few pantry staples..
    Inspired by @gabimoskowitz who taught me that a few key (inexpensive) ingredients that are not perishable can turn even the most bare fridge into something delicious! Here I used: Buckwheat flour, Chia Seeds, salt, water, tomato & garlic paste, onions, spinach that was too wilted for salad and whatever other veggies I could find in my fridge (especially leftovers!)
  2. Make your egg substitute
    Combine 1 tbsp chia seeds with 1/3 cup water and let sit 15 minutes
  3. While it sits start caramelizing your onions
    Put a generous dollop of oil in your pan then set it to medium. add your sliced onions and some garlic (paste) and let it just sizzle and fill your home with the most amazing scent while you do other things.. another Gabi trick (FYI she's a genius) this makes everything 10x fancier and more delicious. I added the tomato paste here because why not..
  4. Make your batter
    This is the ratio, scale up or down as you desire: 2 cups buckwheat flower, 2 tsp salt, 3 1/3 cup water + 1 egg (substitute)
  5. Let that sit while you beef up that filling
    Add some dark leafy greens! I love spinach, use a lot (this is like half a bag!) because it cooks down to nothing
  6. When that cooks down add some color
    I found these tomatoes I pan roasted for Monday's dinner but you could use salsa, whatever veggie leftovers you have... the trick is that you want all the colors (green, red, purple?! Yellow?!) because each one contains different vitamins and antioxidants. consider color natures nutritional label!
  7. Set the filling aside
    See I told you it cooks down to nothing!
  8. Grease the Pan again and add a thin layer of batter
    I wish I had switched to a different pan because I'm terrible at flipping but I didn't want to waste all that amazing flavor I had just cooked down. don't be scared of fat here, you need it to build healthy skin and it keeps you full for longer!!!
  9. Watch it bubble up
    It's so cool!!
  10. Put your filling in
    I found some nut cheese in the fridge (yes, I know there are more appetizing ways to refer to vegan cheese but 😁) and decided to add it - if you don't care about veganism try a goat or sheep cheese which doesn't have lactose and is therefore much less "inflammatory" in our bodies
  11. This is what it's supposed to look like
    Hahaha ok, important thing here is to go for the square. gluten free crepes are more dense and don't hold up as well to that half fold beloved by "normal" crepes
  12. This is what mine looked like
    Because I'm a disaster and I'm still relearning how to use my right arm/hand. It was still effing delicious tho!