Requested by @slg710
Great question Sarah! Let's discuss
  1. To start, most skincare ingredients contain water (or oil!) as a base or in some form or another
    As does our skin
  2. Ever notice how using water in different cities can wreak havoc on your skin?
    That's because of the PH. Different water has different PHs, so does our skin! When they contact each other they have a chemical reaction which changes the PH usually of your skin
  3. When's your skins PH changes it starts acting cray
    It likes to be in a certain, very specific range - the range that the cells who live in thrive the best, doing their job, producing new cells, turnover, collagen, the right amount of sebum, etc.
  4. Rose water has a certain PH that our skin loves!
    It's magic! It's very balancing, helping our skin to find that neutral ground that allows it to function at it's best.
  5. So that's why people love these sprays
    And the more you use them, the better they work because the skin stops swinging out of the happy PH range and starts to balance itself better.
  6. Rose water was first discovered because of the petals
    Ever think about how they stay so thick and soft and firm? That's what we want our skin to do!
  7. Just like the petals, it doesn't work as well if your not getting what you need from within
    Spraying doesn't replace proper hydration, or moisturizer! But it's a great way for problem skin to stay "toned" during the day
  8. Hope that helps!