Beauty Obsessions Week of 3/20

You know where to find more...
  1. May Lindstrom' Magic All Natural Honey Mud
  2. Blending your own lipstick
    Didn't actually buy it but it was so fun lol - if you're in SF def check the pop up on Fillmore in the old Marc by Marc Jacobs store
  3. Cloud Paint in Haze - legit sexiest blush in the world
  4. New sheet mask got me like 😍
    For redness and irritation - soothes and smells amazing. Denver is so dry and so high and I have been on like 14 planes and my nose won't stop running. This makes it seem like none of those things happened.
  5. Reading Glasses
    Not squinting at my laptop screen all day is awesome for fine lines and wrinkles. Also not wearing any makeup in this picture - vvvv proud of myself.
  6. Boy brow in Brown
    I've been using black all this time without realizing it was the wrong color for me!! Game changer!! get it