It's hard to admit this because I feel like being single is so hard! But being married is really freaking awesome... here's my favorite moments from this weekend so far
  1. My husband eating a burger
  2. I thought I didn't want one but then I saw his...
    He let me eat half.
  3. He fell asleep on my lap at the brewery
    He knows me well enough to expect at least one picture on the Internet. I resisted the urge to draw B====D on his face because this is not college and also we are in love.
  4. This is probably why... That happened
    Tasting flight of beer?!? Why not! Of course I can't have alcohol or gluten but seeing him happy is my drug of choice.
  5. We brought our puppy to meet our friends new puppy...
    As I lay on the floor proclaiming that I had found a new pack and snuggling the pups, he reached his foot out to touch mine.
  6. The little things are the BEST part
    It's not like the movies. there are no grand dramatic gestures. it's sharing your amazing effing burger and use your chicken legs as a pillow and playing footsie. It's a million little tiny spikes of glitter that make up the diamond..