Sorry I haven't written a list in a while - here's what I've been doing.... you can read all about it (and see more pictures, and find the links to where I got everything for hella cheap!
  1. Building a lot of furniture
  2. Like a lot
  3. Then moving it around a bunch
  4. Decor decor decor
  5. Two bathrooms now!
  6. Mine
  7. Mine
  8. I get to take bathes now!!!
  9. Love the marble
    I use my stash of beauty products like decorative items
  10. So much building
    My end table
  11. His
    I also built the bed
  12. New bed, so many pillows
    Just making the bed takes like 15 minutes
  13. I also built a hammock
    Whenever the creepy construction workers across the street aren't there I'm in the hammock
  14. We also have an amazing succulent terrace
    Which will soon have Adirondack chairs
  15. When I'm not building and organizing I'm basically at the pool. What you didn't know about the pool on the roof?
    (hackers reference anyone?)
  16. It's heaven
  17. Heaven
  18. I can't get enough
  19. And a boho tropical guestroom
  20. Blue is very relaxing
  21. And a gym that's basically always empty so I mess around a lot
  22. So many good blog backgrounds
    This is right outside the parking garage
  23. On the terrace
  24. More terrace
  25. So much terrace
  26. And of course the pool
  27. Lots of great blogging to do, like this video where after spending all day covered in sweat and sunscreen I needed to look date night sexy
  28. Too bad winter is coming and I will need to flee south or west 👏✌️