Apparently the best way to replenish fluids is a combo of drinking water AND eating foods with high liquid content. This is what I learned during chemo and even though I barfed all the time I was only ever hospitalized once (trust me this is a big deal!)
  1. Melon
    It's basically delicious water in fruit form
  2. Any kind of Asian noodle soup
    It's fluid but with all kinds of things in it that make tummies happy like garlic and ginger and other soothing herbs
  3. Canned Peaches
    Drink the juice too..
  4. Broth
    Different than Asian noodle soup. Put it in a mug.
  5. French Onion Soup
    No cheese, no bread. The salt will heal you and the fat will coat your stomach.
  6. Banana
    For the potassium
  7. Apples
    But not applesauce. My grandma was very clear about this - I don't know why but it's proved to be true. It's grandma science
  8. Gluten Free Crackers
    Because glue is bad for you