Requested by Michelle


Ah yes - it is definitely winter
  1. Vaseline or Aquaphor
    I know this seems like a recipe for a crazy breakout but your skin doesn't actually absorb it - it kind of sits on top preventing all the moisture in your skin from evaporating. Think of it like a barrier cream to achieve natural balance. Sometimes I get so dry around my eyes that it peels and even the gentlest moisturizer stings and that's when I turn to this old standard. I put on a thin layer at night before bed and then wipe it off in the morning. I prefer the thinner texture of the Vas'
  2. Cetaphil Cream
    Not the lotion the cream that comes in the tub. It's dermatologist recommended and great for resetting skin that's out of balance. If you're super dry out this on THEN layer on Vaseline.
  3. My beloved Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream with Hyalorunic Acid
    HA is actually something that our body produces naturally and it draws moisture into your skin. This dreamy, light whipped cream is actually super intensely moisturizing and can also be layered under Vaseline (notice the trend!)
  4. Coconut Oil
    Right out of the jar. I like to keep a little tub with me (just scoop it into a cleaned out old container) and dab on throughout the day to spot treat.