And by that I mean lots of effort up front so that your daily maintenance becomes much, much lower and you can be all "I woke up like this" and it will be true in the strictest technical sense of the words...
  1. Dying your eyebrows > $15
    2 shades darker than your hair is most people's sweet spot. Trust me, best $15 you've ever spent. most Salons that wax have this option. makes eyebrows super thick, defined and just freaking awesome. makes face and eyes look instantly more defined (seriously 4 people have said "your features look more defined") saves you from applying eyebrow pencil or other fillers except for extra special occasions. #browsonfleek
  2. Generic Latisse > $25
    Look up Bimatoprost online, find Canadian pharmacy, purchase, use as Latisse. The original drug which was used to treat cataracts or glaucoma or whatever until some brilliant scientist slash business person noticed the effect on people's lashes, (was this you @JeremyPivot ?) Upped the price by 10x and sold it as eyelash growing serum. It works amazingly well. 2x a day until you get your lashes as desired, then drop down to a few times a week for maintenance and never worry about mascara again
  3. Botox Groupon > $8/unit
    Works best if you start with "baby Botox" before wrinkles form, basically causing the muscles to atrophy so you can still move them a little but those deep grooves never form. I will literally go wherever is cheapest
  4. Laser Hair Removal Groupon
    Or get yourself one of the home treatments for small areas like armpits, bikini line, etc - never shave again!