Submit your score below and tags me in your lists beauties - @evan @gabimoskowitz @keonovak @john CHALLENGE YOU, can you beat me?! YES you have to do hot dog legs #lovehairylegs @Meatball please do this?? Please?
  1. Mug + Pastry + Hot Dog Legs + Mirrored Sunglasses = +15
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    Bonus points for adorable baby hand or dog +10
  2. Trendy Food Product with Magical Health Benefits + 10 | made by a witch +25
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    Made by @witch +50
  3. Inspirational Quote on Household Item +5
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    @sashkarothchild you complete me
  4. Fresh Flowers Monochromatic +15
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  5. Fresh Flowers Color Blocked +5
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  6. Fresh Flowers Multicolored - 5
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  7. Bakery Window +15 / macarons +15
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    I'm not afraid of no carbs! But I am, I haven't had gluten in 3 years
  8. No makeup selfie with big glasses (negating need for makeup) + 15
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    Downward angle +3 obvious faux tan discrepancy with body +3 hat +12 spending too much time critiquing yourself -25 using photo editing app -50 (you can't no makeup and edit people!) finger peace sign +3 duck face +0 but also -0
  9. Art photo with old timey building +10
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  10. Beautiful framed but subtle double entendre +15
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    Overtly sexual -5, subpar photo quality -5, creepy voyeuristic angle +5
  11. Something pink +5
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  12. Pinspiration encountered in real life +15
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    +10 if it's someone's home (this is @sashkarothchild) +5 if it's a boutique +5 if you rep the small business in your SM -25 if it's at urban or anthropologie or any coporate overlord owned "bootique"
  13. Squad Photo where everyone is hot + 17
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    Subtract -5 for everyone who does not photo approve
  14. All in a single day +25
  15. All in less than four hours +10
  16. On a Weekend +5
  17. On a WEEKDAY +15
    Everyone is jealous of your life