This is SUCH a good list because prophylactic wrinkle prevention is about a jillion times cheaper and more effective than trying to get rid of all that shit once it's already there!
  1. A GOOD hat
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    Sunscreen is rad in theory (I'm a devotee of the built in coverage because I hate how pastey and white like "real" sunscreen makes me, i.e. This CC cream but investing in a chic topper that's cute enough that I will actually wear it is the best thing that's ever happened to my face. I love Janessa Leone, who's a fashion blogger favorite but can be found on sale in the $100 range - cost per wear still cheaper than any product. Sun on face = aging.
  2. James read sleep tan mask
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    This magic potion contains hyaluronic acid (the most effective moisturizing, plumping agent on the market), anti-oxidants and also a gorgeous hint of color which will help you keep your no sun ever touches my face again anti-aging promise -
  3. Lotion P50
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    I am dying to understand what is in this magical potion, but I am a member of the cult. It's magical. It's the only thing that actually did anything for my orange peel pores (the worst sign of aging, at least wrinkles can be charming!) it's PH balancing, it has onion skin (the main ingredient in mederma) and all the models and the Olsen twins and the beauty editor of vogue use it. Here is the only place to get it in the US:
  4. Clinique Smart Repair Serum
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    Again, I don't understand how this works at all but somehow it addresses all three of the main signs of aging (wrinkles/texture/sagging) by somehow determining what your skin needs and then delivering it. All I know is I notice when I don't use it for a week...
  5. A moisturizer you like enough to actually use
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    I love Glossier ( but at the end of the day the only thing matters is that you will actually use it. Twice a day. every day.
  6. Retinol
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    It's everything, I just can't hammer this home enough. It treats acne and aging and the best skincare advice I was ever given was to start using it in your early 20s. If you can't somehow scam a prescription then go to Sephora, get samples of the three cheapest ones they offer. Try them all out for a week and then invest in the one you like best. Retinol is so subjective, so find one YOU 💜 you must use it for at least a month!!
  7. Prophylactic Botox
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    Also known as "baby Botox" - find a groupon, whatever is cheapest. @AlexandraLouise can back me up on this it is SO WORTH IT. I just got carded to buy beer last night when none of my other friends did. I'm 32..🦄