Which happened exactly one year ago today!!! I love you @adsteve and I loved every second of this weekend and I love being married to you even more than all of that...
  1. The proposal
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    Yes, I get to include this. It happened at the last game of the Red Sox/Yankees series at Fenway park. It was not on the jumbotron. I did not cry until Steve's little sister texted me to say she was so happy I was going to be her sister. The Sox utterly demolished their rivals. The Red Sox went on to win the World Series that year.
  2. The rehearsal dinner
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    For our wedding weekend we rented out this amazing 13 room resort in Guerneville and did BBQ. We wanted a different feel than the actual wedding so we came up with this "country cocktail" theme. It was so fun and everyone got smashed.
  3. Some of my gorgeous bridesmaids
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    How hot are they? People still talk about them like they are celebrities
  4. So retro, so dirty dancing
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    My hair is so big because it's filled with ... Love
  5. This Polaroid
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    My father in law @marcel99passed out Polaroids and this was when my niece told me she loved her uncle Steve. Family is the best
  6. The next day we all jumped in the pool instead of getting ready
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    Totally worth it, although my mom slash hairdresser wanted to kill me for ruining my hair, which to be fair did not turn out well later. I care about this not at all. SO WORTH IT
  7. This is where we got married
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    Hashtag blessed
  8. The DRESS
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  9. Steve's favorite photo of the groomsmen
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  10. My bridesmaids agreeing to do a Vanity Fair style group shot
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    @sophiec @thatzoegirl killing it, obvi
  11. Part 2 because this is a wide shot
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  12. First kiss as a married couple
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  13. The tent we spent our first night as a married couple
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  14. 😁😁😁 The Framer
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  15. My favorite picture of the groomsmen
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  16. The reception
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  17. His and hers cupcakes instead of cake
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    Mine was gluten free
  18. The flower girl walked around pretending she had a veil after the ceremony
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    Obviously I had to share mine
  19. The ring bearer
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    Just to be clear, he was clapping for the chickens, not the ceremony - that he hated every second of...
  20. The black tie ness of the event
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    Thank you for humoring me and taking the dress code seriously instead of going all SF and showing up in cocktail attire...So fancy @sophiec
  21. My niece and nephew
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  22. Best dressed man @evan
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    Shown here with his best accessory, a gorgeous fun date @gabimoskowitz
  23. Best dressed baby
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    @sashka not just for this event, of all time. also she looks chic as hell as usual, too
  24. The dinner
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    The DIY flowers I made with the help of my 2nd mom and my bridesmaids turned out amazing
  25. Puppy of honor performing his greeting duties
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  26. Our gorgeous officiant slash Oscar presenter? What do they call those girls?!!
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    @thatzoegirl slayed in this dress
  27. Second dance
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    We didn't realize anybody was photographing us
  28. First dance
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  29. Blurry black and white I wish was not taken on a cellphone
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    There's always one - also there was an @john song playing which is why we look so sexy
  30. Pulling my new husband into the pool in all his clothes
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    Everyone else's favorite memory of our wedding (asking me to pick a favorite would be inhumane)
  31. Whatever this is
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    Just kidding it's the before and after shot my best friend from college posted - only she could get away with this
  32. First day married
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  33. One year anniversary tradition
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    Cupcakes!!! IN BED!!! My hubs is so thoughtful and sweet sweet sweet