There is nothing so potent as the powerlessness of being confined to bed during recovery. So I decided to put together a goodie bag of things I love and issue a challenge. Here's how you win. @olive thanks for reminding me that I don't have to sit around and wait for my phone to boil...
  1. 1. Put on "feeling myself" by Beyoncé & Niki Minaj
    Maybe first watch @lennonparham to master your body roll but don't get distracted and forget the other important steps
  2. Feel yourself up
    If you have questions on how to do this check my lists "how to check your breasts for cancer" and "is this lump something I should worry about?" But don't be embarrassed and don't feel shy. It's your own body! You have nothing to worry about!!! Feel sassy, like I'm trying to look in this picture. (Ps @gabimoskowitz told me to write these lists so she gets all the credit)
  3. Post this to Instagram and tag me @leowithcancer
    This is to remind other people that they should also be doing the same
  4. Possibly win some cool shit
    It's basically just what I'm obsessing about right now and could beg or coerce brands to give me. if you have cool stuff for the pile let me know. @lenadunham I'm still trying to decide on what pin to include. tHe boob pin I found on etsy seems too on the nose...
  5. Help me come up with even better boob related puns
    I feel like I'm just grasping at low hanging fruit here