Because on Fridays we Mask. Current fave is Glossier Green Galaxy Mask which is renowned for not overstripping dry skin
  1. Don't wash your face before
    Controversial I know but I've read countless articles that say over exfoliation is a real problem, if you wash first you strip the protective oils that keep this from happening. Since it makes logical sense to me, I'm buying it. If this isn't possible (i.e. You're masking after a day of wearing makeup) then use an oil cleanser first.
  2. Use it once a week
    Seems redundant but with skincare consistency is key. Most products take about two months of use (even weekly use)
  3. Wash it off with a clarisonic brush
    Or a rough washcloth. The idea behind this is that the clay from the mask just sucks up all the oil, so a little manual scrub will whisk it away. I use a very soft brush head and I also love how the brush improves circulation
  4. Leave it on the prescribed amount of time and not longer
    Longer does not equal more better, it means overstripping see #1
  5. Follow with serum and hyaluronic acid
    Your serum of choice will be extra potent. The HA works by drawing water molecules into the skin and trapping them there so you'll avoid the post exfoliating tightness and also that weird bounce back where you over exfoliate and your skin over compensates by over producing oil breakout cycle