Doing a cool young Breast Cancer survivor photoshoot in Downtown LA, then flying back that night because my surgery is the next day. Will also be my last meal before surgery (took me about two months to get back on a normal diet) inspired by list by @rachaelray please help! @bjnovak @gabimoskowitz @john @rowanblanchard @sophia @Grosstastic
  1. The McDonald's Across the street from Smudge Studio where we are shooting
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    I won't have a car, I'm hopeless
  2. One of the best LA meals I've had was at Michael Voltaggio's restaurant, ink.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  3. Baco Mercat
    Downtown. Yummy. Sit at the bar and you don't need a reservation. Homemade sodas. Delicious wrap sandwiches and side dishes.
    Suggested by @lennonparham
  4. Gracias Madre
    WeHo. Mexican/Vegan. Great atmosphere.
    Suggested by @laur
  5. Bestia in dtla! So good!
    Suggested by @MissKimiya