In three, not so easy steps!!
  1. Every time you find yourself thinking of something you don't have, instead think of something you do have
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    Unfortunately this comes in the context of the blue check on @list Do I want a blue check? If so why? I've had my identity stolen on the internet before (by a club promoter in Israel who stole my pictures but not my name - weird) but that's not why... It's because @john has one. That's ego! John is great but I get to hang out once a week with @gabimoskowitz while i try not to rip my stitches laughing so hard. Friendship that lasts decades > Internet Fame
  2. Stop thinking about yourself
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    Compliment someone. Donate to a person with cancer on Think about one household chore you could do for your roommate/partner/pet that would lighten their load. Help a friend by listening to her and also giving hard but sage advice like @sashkarothchild did for me this weekend. Get out of your own ducking head for awhile and feel the energy that connects you to every other person in the universe.
  3. Make something you can touch with your hands
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    So often these days what we create is ephemeral. sometimes it's hard to connect all that psychic energy and creativity we put into building without having that truly physiological experience of holding it and smelling it and feeling it. doing something physical can ground your feet to the earth and bind you to the center of your person in a way that words and thoughts and ideas cannot. Or I'm a crazy tech lady in SF and I made all this up @marcel99 @steve @bjnovak @evan you tell me?!