With pictures and helpful tips
  1. Hot Shave 12/12
    When else will I get to feel what that's like? FYI it feels amazing. I also think this helped with growing it out since it cleaned up those yucky stragglers...
  2. Little Blonde Sprouts 2/13
    Hair does NOT grow back evenly, so if it's dark like mine it really shows... Hence the bleach job which hid my receding hairline and which I could pull off because I also had no eyelashes or eyebrows. Please ask your doctor to make sure this is OK and find an experienced professional!!!! I'm lucky that my mom is a hairdresser and was so gentle with my little sprouts!
  3. More Blonde
    Using generic Minoxidil 2x day plus 2000 Mgs Biotin. fun fact: Minoxidil aka Rogaine works by opening up the hair follicle so it can take in more nutrients and grow faster (hence the biotin which is a key component in building hair!) again, check with your doc!!
  4. Flower crown!
    Hats make you seem like you have something to hide... Crowns make you seem like a mani pixie dream girl. This night I danced my face off and it was awesome... First concert since chemo!
  5. Blonde and growing thicker...
    Eyebrows coming back, getting harder to get blonde... Still love it but know our time is coming to a close...
  6. Blonde pixie in full effect
  7. Starting to get too thick for bleach
    Hence the brassier tone... All good things come to an end
  8. Pixie
  9. Back to brown 5/13
  10. Parttty! 6/13
    Welcome back eyebrows and eyelashes! This is when I got some very high maintenance hair extensions, which got me through the awkward mullet stage of doom...
  11. Weird 90s Mullet 11/13
    Extensions come out, use lots of wax and try not to stress too much and let it do its thing. channel Winona whenever possible (who knew I just barely missed the 90s revival, le sigh)
  12. Fake Boblet 03/14
    Achieved by allowing the mullet to grow long, using wax to blend in shorter pieces on top (this is what happens when you grow out a smooth shave!) glad I did it though because got through this awkward phase and it's been smooth sailing ever since
  13. Longer and longer 05/14
    I stopped letting the bottom grow out for awhile here and finally let my mom cut it. I cried, it was traumatic to see the hair falling onto the floor again but after going over a year without a haircut it was time and of course it looked great. spent a few months trimming just the bottom to let the top hair catch up. hats were my friend.
  14. Longer & Pink because why not?!
  15. First real haircut, bangs and smooth chop 12/14
    Heavily inspired by pulp fiction. regretted the bangs but felt like it really gave the whole thing polish.
  16. mullet reaches below shoulders 05/15
    Shorter layers still catching up but wearing hair curly helps to camouflage shorter top part
  17. Updo without a million pins!!! 6/15
    Total hair growing out milestone
  18. Finally passed the shoulders! Also Ombré
    So noticeable to me (not to anybody else)
  19. Long enough to wear straight! Hair all one length!!
  20. Today 08/15
    Hair grows at about 1/4 cm per month so to get from 2 inches above my shoulder to two inches below took 8 months... fortunately it was the time of the lob so I got to pretend it was on purpose