With pictures and helpful tips
  1. Hot Shave 12/12
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    When else will I get to feel what that's like? FYI it feels amazing. I also think this helped with growing it out since it cleaned up those yucky stragglers...
  2. Little Blonde Sprouts 2/13
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    Hair does NOT grow back evenly, so if it's dark like mine it really shows... Hence the bleach job which hid my receding hairline and which I could pull off because I also had no eyelashes or eyebrows. Please ask your doctor to make sure this is OK and find an experienced professional!!!! I'm lucky that my mom is a hairdresser and was so gentle with my little sprouts!
  3. More Blonde
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    Using generic Minoxidil 2x day plus 2000 Mgs Biotin. fun fact: Minoxidil aka Rogaine works by opening up the hair follicle so it can take in more nutrients and grow faster (hence the biotin which is a key component in building hair!) again, check with your doc!!
  4. Flower crown!
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    Hats make you seem like you have something to hide... Crowns make you seem like a mani pixie dream girl. This night I danced my face off and it was awesome... First concert since chemo!
  5. Blonde and growing thicker...
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    Eyebrows coming back, getting harder to get blonde... Still love it but know our time is coming to a close...
  6. Blonde pixie in full effect
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  7. Starting to get too thick for bleach
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    Hence the brassier tone... All good things come to an end
  8. Pixie
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  9. Back to brown 5/13
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  10. Parttty! 6/13
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    Welcome back eyebrows and eyelashes! This is when I got some very high maintenance hair extensions, which got me through the awkward mullet stage of doom...
  11. Weird 90s Mullet 11/13
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    Extensions come out, use lots of wax and try not to stress too much and let it do its thing. channel Winona whenever possible (who knew I just barely missed the 90s revival, le sigh)
  12. Fake Boblet 03/14
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    Achieved by allowing the mullet to grow long, using wax to blend in shorter pieces on top (this is what happens when you grow out a smooth shave!) glad I did it though because got through this awkward phase and it's been smooth sailing ever since
  13. Longer and longer 05/14
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    I stopped letting the bottom grow out for awhile here and finally let my mom cut it. I cried, it was traumatic to see the hair falling onto the floor again but after going over a year without a haircut it was time and of course it looked great. spent a few months trimming just the bottom to let the top hair catch up. hats were my friend.
  14. Longer & Pink because why not?!
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  15. First real haircut, bangs and smooth chop 12/14
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    Heavily inspired by pulp fiction. regretted the bangs but felt like it really gave the whole thing polish.
  16. mullet reaches below shoulders 05/15
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    Shorter layers still catching up but wearing hair curly helps to camouflage shorter top part
  17. Updo without a million pins!!! 6/15
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    Total hair growing out milestone
  18. Finally passed the shoulders! Also Ombré
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    So noticeable to me (not to anybody else)
  19. Long enough to wear straight! Hair all one length!!
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  20. Today 08/15
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    Hair grows at about 1/4 cm per month so to get from 2 inches above my shoulder to two inches below took 8 months... fortunately it was the time of the lob so I got to pretend it was on purpose