Family weekends call for some pocket sized entertaining. Consider this my basket of sweets for you my sweets (I'm Jewish I have no idea how this works! Apologies in advance if I am super wrong about this - we do Purim where you give gifts of sweets, all same same right?)
  1. For you visualists who don't need words
    Take a vacation into the dreamy photography of my friend, NY based photog Ana http://www.denajulia.com/2016/03/enter-dreamy-chic-world-of-photographer.html?m=1
  2. This is my life
    Scheduling, in the modern era. Never gets old: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/01/19/lets-get-drinks
  3. Listen while driving
    To the hilarity that is @MirandaBerman high school interviews podcast series High School with Miranda Berman by Miranda Berman https://itun.es/us/xmHC8.c
  4. My favorite poem that started as a list
  5. Plot who you will make this for when you get home
  6. I think Easter has something to do with babies, so here's to the celebration of birth
  7. @laurareeve LA Hipster Fairy Tales
    I want to be read these as I fall asleep tonight L.A. Hipster Fairy Tales