Requested by @maira
  1. Try a detoxifying mask
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    This one can be used 2-3 times per week
  2. Use the clarisonic brush at least once a day
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  3. Charcoal
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    I like the whole Boscia black line but especially this peel off mask once a week
  4. P50 toner
    It's crazy expensive but worth it - so worth it. It fixes everything biologique recherque:
  5. Stop eating dairy
    I know I know - cheese! But dairy is literally the only thing every clinically linked to the chronic production of sebum, aka acne aka blackheads
  6. Don't pick them!!!
    Seriously do not pick - do not do it.
  7. If you picked them before treat the scars
    I like the Murad one but anything with hydroquinoine (spelling?) should do it
  8. Stop touching them
    I know, I know. Train yourself not to touch your face. This will also protect you during cold and flu season
  9. Wash immediately after workouts
    I like to stash some super gentle wipes in my bag and follow the 5 minute rule - I wipe myself down within 5 minutes of a sweat session, even if I'm going home to shower. I read about karlie doing this, and like, supermodel
  10. Replace picking with something else super satisfying
    I mean I watch pimple popping videos in YouTube, trust me I get the appeal. When the urge to pick comes upon me I have replaced it with doing something else with my hands including: filing my nails and then rubbing oil in my cuticles, making recipes from @gabimoskowitz or Pinterest with whatever I have in my fridge (it's like a challenge to find the ingredients) , online shopping (ok maybe not this one) , making collages by ripping pages out of magazines (soooo satisfying)