Requested by @thatzoegirl
I love the Fall... here's what I'm watching and obsessing about right now!
  1. Scream Queens
    If you loved heathers then this campy wonder is right up your alley...
  2. The Mindy Project
    Quite possibly the funniest birth episode of all time - the new season on Hulu is shaping up to be a real winner. Best line so far: "It almost makes me feel bad for messing with your birth control" - @IkeBarinholtz
  3. You're the Worst
    This sleeper hit from FX was my summer obsession with so many amazing lines it's almost impossible to pick my favorite, but let's just say a lot of things make me wonder "is this feminism?" And I always try to make the "punk rock choice" season 2 is airing now, catch up on season 1 on Hulu.
  4. Playing House
    I just can't even describe how much I love this show. It has everything, best friends, body rolls, a baby named "char bar" and @lennonparham as the best friend I want to be #rolemodels season 2 is a palette cleansed for all the terrorist TV about to hit the networks
  5. Blind Spot
    Speaking of terrorist TV, if you like yours with a side of badass female leads then the pilot of this show is your jam. Also starring the super hot guy from Empire Records with the lip scar (sadly covered by a beard) I'm already hooked
  6. Quantico
    I've only watched the first 8 minutes but I can tell this is going to be this years scandal - must watch live so nobody spills the dirt on Twitter before you can see it. The lead, a veteran of Bollywood with an impressive 50 movies under her belt, is a crackling fire pot with a face so expressive it's amazing she even has lines.