Requested by Maggie


@ouizoid @jessicafechtor @mlb in response to list requests from the above mentioned people who so lovingly inquired how I'm doing thereby making me feel so much better. here's what's going on:
  1. I am not getting enough sleep
    I wake up basically every 4 hours when my pain meds wear off. Then I take more and sleep again. But obviously none of this counts - I feel as frail and brittle as glass made out of candy for a movie shoot where they have to crash through it. My insomnia may also have to do with the fact that I insist on sleeping in a pile of cosmetic samples and la croix water which I vehemently believe must be in arms reach at all times.
  2. The good vibes are very much appreciated
    It's about the only thing in my life that makes me feel better without any side effects. If there was a non creepy way I could shamelessly beg for more attention and good vibes I would.
  3. My face is elephant man puffy from crying all the time
    I did this day of beauty photoshoot last week. They keep posting photos of me where I look super pregnant. in addition to being incredibly vain, it's like pouring acid on my "I'm infertile from my cancer treatment, plus I really want to have a baby" wounds. Add on my physical wounds, which HURT, and are a constant reminder of all the things cancer has taken away from me, and I'm a mess. Every time they post one of these pics some well meaning person asks me if I'm prego. It's crushing my soul
  4. I have a migraine and I'm dizzy and I'm nauseous
    These two things are in a perpetual vicious cycle based on the drugs I use to treat them which means I'm never feeling 100% awesome. My doctors assure me the pain should lesson and I can stop this chemical roller coaster in a few days. I can't wait.
  5. My birch box came last night and it is providing me with endless hours of joy
    Simple pleasures for simple people, I keep rearranging them and smelling them and practicing my flat lay (game is weak but I think I can get there)
  6. So did my new shop ditto glasses and my glossier refill
    I'm having way to much fun grouping them on my faux fur blanket and taking pictures like I'm the love child of a YouTube makeup artist and Andy Warhol
  7. Writing lists via dictation, which is kind of like trying to etch my words into a cave wall
    Siri needs to step up her game