A little story in honor of the unfreaking believable amazing gift bag of insanely luxe beauty products that @Lilysaltz just made magically appear on my door - thank you so so much
  1. First of all - happy tears right now...
    This is not the first time Bobbi Brown helped me feel like a beauty queen when I needed a boost from the universe.
  2. Did you know chemotherapy makes your eyebrows and eyelashes fall out?
    There is nothing that makes you feel sicker than seeing a sick person looking back at you in the mirror.
  3. I had a genius idea - I would become Amber Rose
    To cover up my weirdly growing in hairline I would go blonde, then maybe people wouldn't notice my striking new resemblance to George Costanza.
  4. Without eyebrows and eyelashes I could lighten my brows to match
    But I would need an entirely new face to go with this startling transformation
  5. So I took myself shyly down to the beauty counter at the Nordstrom's in Westfield
    My scalp was still tingling pleasantly from the heat of the bleach. My face a little blank canvas absent of eyebrows and lashes to shape them.
  6. The girl behind the counter, Carrie, took my face in her hands
    And told me I was gorgeous. I started to cry.
  7. She wiped away my tears and gently tapped the lusciously whipped extra eye care cream under my eyes.
    For good measure she smoothed an indulgent dollop of the moisturizing balm on the rest of my face. I felt dreamy, like the universe was saying "Dena, think about what you do have instead of what you don't."
  8. She then did some kind of voodoo magic with pots and powders
    At the end of it I looked like this... She even managed to get some falsies to stay on (oh eyelashes!! I missed them so much)
  9. This is the blush I bought that day
    I keep it as a reminder to be grateful for what I do have (my face!) instead of thinking about what I don't (eyelashes, eyebrows)
  10. This picture is the most pinned photo I have
    At least twice a week I get a message from a girl or woman with a cancer diagnosis - saying she found my blog and it made her less scared, that she can't wait for her blonde pixie, that she's grateful for this
  11. Makeup might seem silly
    But it has the power to heal people's hearts when the world decides to eff with them...