Did you know that after the mastectomy they insert a deflated implant under the chest wall? Then, over the course of the next few months they slowly inflate it, creating a "capsule" for the reconstruction. In my case, I'm a lunatic and did it in a month over 4 sessions. Low and behold, stretch marks! These tips are amazing for pregnancy also!
  1. Remember to love your skin first
    Stretch marks can be beautiful reminders, just like scars, of the amazing strength your body holds inside of it. I treated my stretch marks because for me they were a sign of the trauma my body was going through, but I never hated them and I never punished myself for getting them. I tried to channel love and good energy into my skin as I applied the lotion, giving it my gratitude for all the hard work it does for me. I'm not sure if this helped the stretch marks but I know it helped my heart.
  2. Moisturize like it's your job
    Twice a day, everyday. Moisturized skin is more tencile, less likely to break/crack. I used coconut oil but basically anything you love enough to put on your body twice a day works.
  3. Invest in Targeted products for stretch marks
    My two surgeons (breast and plastic) gave me their tops picks - Bio Oil & Mederma. The onion skin and super mega hyaluronic acid in the Mederma stretch mark lotion is amazing and has a lot of clinical date but it is pricey as hell. The Bio Oil is a hedge witch favorite, and my pregnant friends swear by it. That said, I used both (morning + night) so hard to give credit to just one. Also detest the smell of both of these but possibly because I associate them with how much pain I was in. They work
  4. Fill that diet with Omegas
    The building blocks of skin! Not from supplements either (a lot of times you aren't allowed the blood thinning properties of those) so seek out dark leafy greens, chia, and fish.
  5. Drink water like it's your job
    The skin, being the gigantic organ that it is, is so vulnerable to dehydration. Proper hydration will help your skin expand or contract as you need it to.
  6. Sunscreen is your new religion
    Seriously, sun on stretch marks is basically like tattooing them forever on your body. It can be so tempting because a tan will make them less noticeable but go for a faux glow or these suckers will never leave you! Same for scars.