Three super easy steps that will literally save your life
  1. Know what your breasts feel like
    You see your doctor maybe once a year? They won't notice a change until you've found a lump and by then you're already at a more advanced stage. Traditional mammogram detection doesn't work on young, dense breast tissue - so you are your own first line of defense. Pay attention to different points in your cycle as well - texture can change from hormones and it's very innocuous, but again only you know what's "normal" for you
  2. Know what you're looking for
    Like moles, breast cancer tends to feel irregular/asymmetrical/lumpy (mine felt like cauliflower) and pop up "out of nowhere"
  3. Don't let fear keep you from acting
    Fear that it's "nothing" fear that it's actually something - either way don't let this paralyze you into inaction. If you feel like something is wrong, demand a biopsy or ultrasound or to speak with a new doctor who will take you seriously. I demanded an appt with a surgeon as soon as I felt the lump but it was already too late for me. I don't like to think about what ifs but I do like to think that maybe other chicks will be luckier because of me. Please share!