Requested by @samira2344
Here are the ingredients I know work wonders when I'm horrible and pick at my acne or when my freckles get OOC
  1. Hydroquinoine
    This very controversial ingredient is super potent and chemical filled. Not natural or possibly good for you at all but will fade a spot in like, a week without only the tiniest little dose. I use the Murad acne spot treatment for my dose - some people can get it prescribed by a derm.
  2. Retin - A
    Works by turning over damaged skin cells, thereby over time eliminating pigment damaged skin. Also treats acne, wrinkles, basically all the things everyone should use this all the time! Learn more about retinol: THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT RETINOL
  3. Vitamin C
    Another anti-oxidant that aids with sun damage and cell turnover. You need a super high dosage for it to be effective and it loses potency basically as soon as it's exposed to the air, so look for packaging that limits air exposure or don't wasted your money on a big jar (this is why you'll often find them in multipacks or teeny tiny bottles)