Requested by @MissKimiya
A very challenging list suggested by @MissKimiya - here's what I've got for you. while there is REALLY no way short of surgery to completely get rid of the damn things there are some ways to make them much more manageable.
  1. Take a Claritin
    Allergies are the number one cause of under eye bags and circles. Start from the inside out on this one. Plus, at $14 for a 6 month supply, it the most cost effective solution on here that works long term...
  2. Retinol
    Eye creams with retinal are formulated to be extra delicate in this sensitive area which makes them more effective and less scary/irritating. I hear this one is AMAZING and plan to acquire it soon: You can read my comprehensive guide to retinol here: THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT RETINOL
  3. Cold chamomile tea bags
    Spoons/ice bags in the freezer can cause an immediate tightening effect, and are great if the puffiness is caused by some very immediate damage like crying or a single bad nights sleep. It works mostly psychologically for everything else, but not in a bad way. My favorite is to freeze chamomile tea bags (make the tea first!) because chamomile is an anti-inflammatory.
  4. A bomb Undereye concealer
    I am OBSESSED with the new one from Bare Escentuals, it is so good. I don't know what kind of wizard adding magic is happening here, but I'm about to be on my second tube. For beauty bloggers that's a big deal, since I am always desperate to try out the next cool thing and almost never finish/rebuy unless something is amazing!!!
  5. Facial massage
    When done properly can eliminate fluid and help with puffiness and darkness. Here's an article on how to give yourself a Korean beauty facial massage in gifs:
  6. Hydration (internal & external)
    Drink lots of water - use a good moisturizer on your face. I love hyaluronic acid and my favorite is the Glossier Priming Moisturizer, which from previous lists you probably know I'm obsessed with. This stuff is like plumping, fast-absorbing face crack. If that first layer of skin is plump and hydrated the dark blood pooling underneath will be less visible and the bags will kind of blend in more. Everything is worse when your skin is dry.
  7. Eye creams with caffeine
    Again, circulation is the key here. Topical caffeine can help to stimulate the blood flow and therefore, improve the look of dark circles, which is just blood pooling under the thin skin of your undereyes. I actually haven't found one I love enough to recommend but consider checking the labels for this ingredient if you're considering making a purchase (and then let me know!!)
  8. Fillers in the cheekbones for bags
    Bags are, ironically, an absence of collagen which creates a pocket where fluid pools and puffs. Some crazy doctors will inject fillers into those pockets but it's ineffective/dangerous. what does work is injecting fillers into the cheekbones, which pulls the skin tight, shrinking the space where those hollows are and preventing fluid from pooling there. I am saving up to do this, but I know several peeps who have and it looks amazing (and you would NEVER know!)