I give a really good faux tan... here's how:
  1. Exfoliate really well... The day before
    My best tans involve smooth, moisturizer skin. to achieve that, the night before I want to tan I do a big scrub (I like a good brush or coconut oil and some sugar) and then another heavy dose of coconut oil (my body moisturizer of choice) the next day I shower clean and apply and it is streak free and amazing
  2. Pick a formula you like
    These days it's all about personal preference, find something with a texture, smell and result you like so you'll actually use it. I've been consistently tanning once a week with Express Tan from St. Tropez since like, June.
  3. Face Back Up Plan
    All the stuff I put on my face fades it faster than my body (yes, retinol I'm looking at you) which is where my beloved sleep tan mask comes into play. Or I will mix my foam with my face moisturizer in the morning.
  4. Moisturize
    Keeping a great tan is all about that juice.