Requested by Leah Haydock


I love looking fresh and dewy - it's so much prettier (and younger!) than a heavy matte look. But I also don't want to look like a disco ball either - the sweet spot is "candlelit beauty" or how you look in a sunset selfie when you're properly hydrated and well moisturized. Or just being 25.
  1. Prep your skin with moisturizer
    I like the glossier one for this, but anything light but rich (look for Hyaluronic acid!) works amazing. Tap it on and then let it sit while you do your eye makeup.
  2. Apply a moisturizing foundation or BB cream with a foundation brush and then blend with a wet beauty blender
    Always tap, not swipe with that sponge. I like the bare Minerals moisturizing gel foundation and I wet my sponge with my face mist for added staying power and extra dewiness.
  3. Use good product
    I'm obsessed with the RMS living Luminizer because it's dewy and fresh but not glittery. Very natural. it's also made with organic materials and the tiny pot lasts a long time (trust me I basically bathe in this stuff) but if you want the best stuff on the market the Bobbi Brown highlighter cream and strobing powder is life changing
  4. Warm it up a bit with your fingers so it blends
    I like to apply it with my fingers and then buff it just lightly with my beauty blender, but sometimes I'm too lazy for that second step (like 95% of the time) so I press a clean warm finger into the pot then gently tap it where I want the glow.
  5. Find your cheekbone with your fingers and apply on top of it
    It will feel too high but trust me, it works. Tap it along that little padded shelf between the cheekbone and under eye, then extend it up around your eye and under your brow.
  6. Add a tap in your inner eye and on the top of your nose
  7. If you're feeling fancy put a little dot in the Cupid bow of your lip
  8. Mist all over your face with a face mist
    I like the one by glossier or the one by Mario Badescu with rose and aloe - not only does it give a nice glow but it makes your makeup last longer