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As requested by @totalcassmove and @khylers and @SpaceCase- I'm sorry it took me so long. Also, it helps me a lot if you click on the links and buy from me, just as an FYI, because while I would totally help you for free, I also like food and housing and expensive skincare...
  1. Hydroquinoine
    I use Murad's post acne lightening gel. HQ is a lightening agent that gained popularity in Asian skincare, it's cured some pretty heinous marks and also a divot from a giant cyst I had shrunk down with a cortisone injection (common side effect) - however there's some potentially funky chemicals in this one (which is why I have a hard time recommending it even though it's so so effective) I use it, but I already have cancer. Also, this product contains AHA so don't mix it!
  2. Weekly Glycolic Acid "peels"
    This is more like a toner except it should never, never be mixed with another exfoliant (acne treatment like Salycilic acid or retinol) and should be used 1-2 times a week MAX. I use one by Paula's Choice called "resist"
  3. Retinol
    What doesn't this stuff do? Aiding cell turnover can treat acne scars and the increase in collagen can help fill divots and even out texture. This very gentle oil has everyone I know obsessed because you don't have that yucky peeling purge period
  4. Mederma
    Especially if it's a newer scar - the onion skin helps with discoloration while the silicon pulls moisture into the skin aiding healing and helping to keep the texture smooth.
  5. Sunscreen
    Sunlight basically makes scars worse and locks them into your cellular DNA forever* so that you can never ever get rid of them ##### *i made this up but it's basically true, it makes the damage so so much harder to get rid of! This stuff smells and feels so good it's a pleasure to use, which means I actually use it
  6. Plumping Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid
    Healthy, moist skin is literally "plumped" filling out the pick marks from Acne scars. A once a week mask like the glossier moisturizing moon mask will give you a nice bouncy surface to build on.
  7. Professional Chemical Peels & Laser Facials
    Does the same thing but faster and with a few days of peeling/downtime - I swear I always get mine on but for places that have decent Yelp reviews because you don't want to burn your skin off! In the right hands these treatments are amazing and you'll see results right away - like that chick from the early season of America's Next Top Model who placed top 5!
  8. Not picking at your face anymore
    I have yet to master it but maybe someday? A girl can dream