A follow up to this list, Things to Know About Retinol THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT RETINOL Read this one first :)
  1. Use at night
  2. Cleanse skin well
  3. Apply your chosen product in a thin layer on your entire face
  4. Cover with a moisturizer (this helps!)
  5. Do not layer with other exfoliants
    This includes acids, peels, acne treatments. This causes over drying peeling and people quitting before they get to the good part.
  6. Start with every other day and build up to every day
    Give yourself a week or two to acclimate to the potency of the product to diminish aforementioned side effects
  7. Stick with it
    There's a "purge" that happens where all the zits and dead skin come out - stick with, it's worth it (I describe this in great detail in my other retinol list)THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT RETINOL
  8. Keep the product and your face out of the sun
    I know repeating from the other list but this is important