When water feels like the enemy
  1. Warm an oil cleanser in your hands and apply in circles to your face
    The heat will improve the efficacy as it bonds to the gunk on your skin while leaving behind your skins natural oils (i.e., non drying) leave it on for a few minutes for extra cleaning power. You can also just use coconut oil, but my current obsession is one love organics B oil cleanser
  2. If you have a clarisonic use it
    I like to run it under hot water first, for no other reason than it feels nice
  3. Wash it off with warm (not hot) water
    Hot water is drying - cold water sucks
  4. Pat Dry (not rub!!)
    You want to trap some of that water in your skin with your moisturizer
  5. Apply your serum and moisturizer quickly
    See above