Requested by @stars
A) there's no such thing and B) I love them and my skincare routine looks kind of like good vibrations but my face has never looked better - below is a list of the ones I love with pictures where you can see the results. Each one does something different.
  1. Nuface - microcurrent massages facial muscles to ease wrinkles and produce more collagen. Best for firmness, fine lines, contouring cheeks, "structural support"
    Far and away my favorite - my face looks noticeably plumper, especially my cheeks. I hate to say this but it has definitely "contoured" my face which lost a ton of collagen and firmness from chemotherapy. To help offset the bananas cost of this I went online and discovered plain aloe gel can be used in place of the expensive gel they recommend so once the included one ran out I switched
  2. Jenu - sonic infuser increases skincare absorption by 6x. Best for texture, fine lines and wrinkles, pore control.
    I was so skeptical - I was like, I already use a sonic cleansing brush, do I need a sonic infuser??? but tbh after using it for two weeks with a variety of different skincare products it actually makes a huge difference. Especially noticed this one for pore size, moisturizing, acne, and fine lines/creepiness. Full review here:
  3. High Frequency Machine - delivers high dose of oxygen forcibly into dermis. Best for occasional acne spots, sun discoloration.
    By far the cheapest in the bunch, this oxygenates the skin which helps with deep cystic acne and also spots of any kind. I've used it for both. Supposedly helps with collagen also but it's too much for me to use on my whole face (my mom swears by it) can also be used to stimulate hair growth supposedly (comes with a comb attachment!)
  4. Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush - sonic exfoliation of dirt, dry skin and other surface irritants. Best for clarity, pores/acne, dullness.
  5. Ps if you buy from the links in this list I will love your forever
    It's basically a doctors copay and a blood test, lol