Oooo it's like asking me to pick my favorite child but here's what I'm so into right now (you can read about my week of deluxe masking and get the discount set here:
  1. Shangpree Snail Repair Mask
    I swear this made my four random gluten induced zits fade by half AND left my skin feeling totallt hydrated
  2. Shangpree Charcoal Hydrogel
    This crazy two part batman mask is so freaking luxurious - it's more like a gel than a dryer sheet but it has the most amazing pore tightening, dewy plumping magic goodness, I like this almost as much as I like rubber masks 👇
  3. Shangpree Gold Modeling Mask
    Considered a sheet mask, even though it's a gel that you mix with a powder and it turns into this hard rubber coating (these are also called rubber masks) that then peels off. This is the gold standard (pun intended) and afterwards your skin looks like an angel blew kisses on your face and turned you into a dewy Glossier model
  4. Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Eye Mask
    You can use this anywhere!?! So amazing and portable, this is my new favorite plane flying trick (I put them on under my sleep mask) but you can also basically jigsaw puzzle your entire face. It's so plump, poreless and glowing after!
  5. Tony Moly Set
    For like $15 on Amazon you can get a bouquet of 10 different masks that do everything from detox to soothe. These are definitely my everyday indulgence:
  6. Pro Tip: you can reuse sheet masks
    No joke - save that extra serum that comes in the packet (this works for everything but the modeling mask) and then carefully fold the mask back into the pouch and store in the fridge. It will keep for about 3 days and it will feel so cool and amazing (hello summer!) when you take it off...
  7. Ps I am not paid to endorse Shangpree
    They are just my favorite and have the most dramatic immediate results while being super non-irritating.